Auto Mouse Clicker

This website presents a free to download and try out software utility which can do automation tasks with Mouse and Keyboard. There are lots of ways in which you can use this Auto Mouse Software such as a Software Bot which can do Scheduled Mouse Clicking, Keyboard Typing, Combining Keyboard and Mouse Actions and much more.

Main Window of Auto Mouse Software for Windows

Learn Auto Mouse in 2 Minutes with a Video Tutorial. This 2 Minute Video Tutorial shows how you can quickly add Macro Actions to the Script and then how to execute them. This Tutorial displays 3 different ways in which you can execute or playback a recorded Auto Mouse Script.

Given below are few features and corresponding Video Tutorials for this Auto Mouse Software. You can alternatively navigate by looking at screenshots of various features.

Feature List of Auto Mouse Software

Given below are few features of the Auto Mouse Software presented here. You can also explore various features of the software by having a look at the Screenshots or Watch Video Tutorials. You can even download a fully functional free trial of the software and give it a try on your own Windows Computer.

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